Volume 17 - Issue 4 - EN

Leadership 5.0. a New Approach in Higher Education

(Líderes de la Sociedad 5.0. Un enfoque desde las Instituciones de Educación Superior)


C. González Serrano and J. A. Mosquera-Bolaños


The major challenges facing higher education are issues related to training the next generation of engineers who must be recognized as leaders with technical skills but also with competencies to provide smart solutions in the problem-solving processes. Many approaches have been proposed in this context, but most are not formal, do not focus on engineering and neglect to consider trends and challenges as a starting point for defining new, practical proposals. In this paper, a set of challenges are researched to define a new proposal for training the next generation of engineers focused on leadership. The main objective is to provide guidelines to guide the training process in higher education institutions. Subsequently, new research will be carried out to put the proposal defined in this paper into a practical context.

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